DrugShield Videos

This page shows the many DrugShield videos and other forms of media DrugShield either has or is apart of. Feel free to take a look around and tell us what you think. The list will continue to grow as more are made so check back often!

Here is DrugShield commercial as shown at Front Street Fights.

Check out our video presenting DrugShield’s at home instant drug testing kits. Available in office.

Check this video out to get a quick summary of what DrugSheild does to protect Probation and the Parolee. Lots of testing facilities that do testing for a Probation or any sort of Judicial system consistently makes mistakes leaving whatever system or user of the other companies open for attack for insurance and/or individual rights conflicts. As well as causing issues for the employees or parolees by not giving them the proper chances to defend themselves in instances like a PRESUMED POSITIVE which happens when an instant test is performed and shows a possible positive. This is because multiple things can cause a reaction in an individuals body to cause a false positive or the test itself could have pre contamination issues. These problems can be solved by ensuring the proper testing procedures are followed, consistent and accurate information is relayed and understood, as well as confirming ANY presumed positive with GC/MS confirmation to really find out what is causing the presumed positive on the instant tests.

Check out DrugShield’s new commercial! We brought some comedy into it and ensured to relay the message that we can help anyone and everyone! Including pirates and wizards.

DrugShield Team Dorian Sponsorship Video! Such an inspirational man and walking miracle! We have the amazing pleasure and opportunity to sponsor this spectacular athlete and help get him to amazing events such as the World Cup and Paralympics! Check out his sponsorship page by visiting this link!

DrugShield Service Flyers

DS_State Testing_Web_FINAL DS_Blood Testing_PROOF DS_PainManagement_Web_FINAL DS_DNA FLyer_FINAL

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