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Contact DrugShield at any time via


Main Line Phone: 208.353.0291

Fax: 208.392.1371

Color Code Phone #: 1.208.501.2544     If you are enrolled in our color code program you are to call DrugShield’s color code number every morning to check and see if your color is called. If it is your are to come into DrugShield during business hours Mon-Fri. If your color is called on the weekend then you must call DrugShield’s main line and set an appointment time where staff will meet you at DrugShield to perform your test.

IF YOU ARE A MMA FIGHTER DO NOT SEND LICENSING INFORMATION TO THE IDAHO STATE ATHLETIC COMMISSION. DrugShield is the official reporting agency for the Idaho State Athletic Commission.: Please send all paperwork and information to DrugShield via email or fax.  including, medical testing results such as UA, Physicals, Blood work, Licensing Paperwork etc.

Or just walk in to the office located at: 3085 N Cole Rd Suite # 108 anytime between 10 A.M. – 4 P.M. Mon-Fri and we will be more than happy to help!

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