DrugShield Bio

DrugShield, Inc. is a minority owned 3rd party specimen collection, tracking, and reporting company. DrugShield Inc. has been serving the Treasure Valley since 2003, and we now offer our services nationwide through our TPA network. Our friendly staff is certified through some of the top labs in the nation, and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, providing discrete and accurate instant drug screenings, with thorough GC/MS lab confirmations on presumed positives.

At DrugShield Inc., we always put our clients first, handling each specific need with professionalism and commitment. We provide proactive single point of contact. We are certified with Health and Welfare State of Idaho and BPA approved. We are also the primary combatant licensing provider for the Idaho State Athletic Commission, and the preferred service provider for many of the top labs in the nation.

DrugShield Inc. has been featured in popular editorials such as USA Today, The Houston Chronicle, Idaho Business Review, and Editor and Publisher Magazine. We were rated #1 on Red Nova, and were ranked in the top 5% on the popular business site, LinkedIn, for 2012.

Check out our commercial that was presented @ Century Link Arena in Boise ID during Front Street Fights.

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