New Drug Flakka, A Designer Drug You Should Be Aware Of!

With the quantity and different types of¬†synthetic designer drugs on the constant rise, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the differences between them. However that is not exactly the case with one of the more recent drugs known as Flakka,¬†which is basically just another derivative of “bath salts.” The chemical in specific is known as Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone (Alpha-PVP) and has been the main cause of multiple recent crime reports from Florida in specific. Although being popular in Florida the drug is making its way around other places with a spike of reports coming from Spokane. Some of the reports range from murderous rage to paranoia, running around screaming, skyrocketing body temperatures things either chasing them or crawling in, out or on them and overall total discord. In one recent extreme case it reportedly caused a man to run naked through a Florida neighborhood, try to have sex with a tree and claim to be the mythical god Thor! Clearly this drug is dangerous and should definitely be noticed as a serious hazard. As well as one to avoid at all costs.

flakka 1

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