kratom forms

A fairly new trend that is on the rise in the community is a substance known to many as Kratom. Kratom, which in its original plant form is known as Mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia, is on the rise in America and is said to react with the human brain much like an opiate. It is currently legal in most of America but is slowly gaining more bad reputation due to its effects its having on individuals. Most will claim that Kratom is completely safe and even has some sort of medicinal purposes like a mild stimulant in low doses. Some also believe it could be used to wean people off of opiates because of its opiate like effects. However Kratom has been gaining negative attention with multiple stories surfacing of individuals either being hospitalized or reacting in crazy, volatile ways after taking large amounts of the substance. Tales have even come about claiming that after prolonged use individuals are becoming addicted and experiencing symptoms of  withdrawal  when attempting to quit taking Kratom. More and more research is being performed to confirm these allegations but until they are done the complete facts are yet to be determined.

Here is a link to one instance of Kratom being suspected as a main factor in a death :

Kratom Plant

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