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New Drug Flakka, A Designer Drug You Should Be Aware Of!

With the quantity and different types of synthetic designer drugs on the constant rise, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the differences between them. However that is not exactly the case with one of the more recent drugs known as Flakka, which is basically just another derivative of “bath salts.” The chemical in specific is known as

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A fairly new trend that is on the rise in the community is a substance known to many as Kratom. Kratom, which in its original plant form is known as Mitragyna speciosa, a tree native to Southeast Asia, is on the rise in America and is said to react with the human brain much like

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Don’t be fooled into thinking your current drug testing is sufficient. Protect yourself and your organization from firms who do minimal work at a ridiculous price! Contact DrugShield now! DrugShield was developed to cater to your needs making sure you are receiving the SERVICE YOU DESERVE.

DrugShield Upgrades

Everyone at DrugShield apologizes for the current condition of the site and any recent inconveniences the upgrades have caused. We are working to create a more presentable, comfortable and user-friendly website for everyone. DrugShield is still open for business however and is still providing its regular services and is open during normal business hours. Thank

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